Volunteering and Fundraising


Kyra and The K Crew are passionate about giving back and building into the community. They do community “Give Backs” every first Friday of the month as well as volunteer at local charities whenever they can! From Big Brothers and Sisters of Moose Jaw to the local food bank, we love to be a part of community and support as we can! 

DFWK also gives away over 100 memberships a year to ladies who can’t financially afford to attend any type of classes or gym memberships. We believe that healthy bodies contribute to healthy minds, self image and all around better physical and mental health. 


DFWK’s ongoing charity is Hunger In Moose Jaw. This is a program that provides lunches and snack solutions to schools across Moose Jaw. They have been supporting the charity for over 2 years and continue to raise money every chance they get. 


Looking to do a fundraiser? Contact Kyra today! No matter the cause, the team is always ready to help in any way they can! 

Check out the pictures below of our past and current involvement in:

  • Canada Day 
  • Wakamow Valley Recreation Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Habitat for Humanity 
  • Hunger in Moose Jaw
  • Big Brothers and Sisters is Moose Jaw 
  • What Women Want Expos 
  • Pumpkin Festival
  • Elementary Schools in around Moose Jaw
  • Pep Rallies 
  • Seniors’ Homes 
  • Christmas Charity Events 
  • Sidewalk Days
  • Free Classes